Discover the illustrious history of the iconic American brand


Outdoorsman and guide Eddie Bauer launches his eponymous brand in a small Seattle store.

In that first venture, he sold and strung tennis rackets inside another person’s gun shop. A year later, Ed opened the doors on his own space. “Bauer’s Sport Shop” that soon became a centrepiece of the Seattle outdoor industry.


Eddie starts working with feathers and down for of his custom fishing flies.

He started "Eddie Bauer Tackle Makers." and later used feathers in his patented badminton shuttlecocks. In fact, feathers and down ultimately defined the brand when Ed introduced the first goose down jacket patented in America.


Eddie meets Christine, "Stine" Heltborg on a hunting trip. Their first date is a fishing trip.

They're married for 57 years. Ed met his match with Stine. He said she took to hunting and fishing with ease, and quickly became his favorite backcountry partner. "She has more stamina than I do." he admitted. "She's my Wilderness Companion."


Stine Bauer wins the first of her eight consecutive Washington State Women's Trapshooting Championships.

Stine was an outspoken advocate and inspiration for active outdoor women. She created the first women's department in Bauer's Sport Shop, insisting that superior-quality field wear was not just for men.


Eddie's first two patents are for a Badminton Shuttlecock made of Goose feathers. 

He played a role in popularising Badminton in the U.S by replacing the expensive European 'Birdies'. With his own of equal quality at a fraction of the price. By the end of the 1930's, Bauer shuttles were used in National tournaments.


Turns a life-threatening event intoAmerica's first patented Down jacket. 

After suffering hypothermia on a winter fishing trip, Ed responded by changing his life, his career and the outdoor industry forever. He invented the down Skyliner. It revolutionised cold weather gear and marked the birth of Eddie Bauer as a brand. 


Designed the first down flight suit for the U.S  Army Air Force in World War II.  

With Ed's name on the government label , several 1000 airman wrote to him after the war demanding more down products. In response the Eddie Bauer Outfitter Catalog was launched. 


The first womens specific Eddie Bauer down jacket is patented, emphasising Stine's influence on the brand. 

When Ed started making his down jackets, Stine insisted there be womens versions. The Skyliner came in womens sizes, the Lady Yukon was a best-seller, and the Swiss model ski jacket earned a patent. 


Outfits the third American  Karakoram  Expedition attempting the first ascent of K2.. 

The Kara Koram Parka that Ed built  for this team established Eddie Bauer as the premer outfitter  for American Mountaineering  and scientifc expeditions across the world for the next 30 years, including epic  first ascents  on every continent. 



Outfits the first team to spend the winter in the South Pole. 

For the International Geophysical year, the U.S sends 18 scientists to the South Pole. Their Eddie Bauer down helps them record the coldest temperature that has ever been recorded on Earth. -102.1 Fahrenheit. 


Outfits the first ascent of Gasherbrum I, the worlds 11th highest peak.  


This is ony one of the worlds fourteen 8000 meter peaks first summited by an American team. The expedition was also the first to wear Eddie Bauer Parkas made with a ripstop nylon shell.  


Outfits the first American ascent of Mt. Everest and its first ascent of its West Ridge. 

The expedition put three teams on top of the worlds highest mountain. Two via the South East ridge and one by the never before attempted West Ridge. All of their down equipment was built by Eddie Bauer.  


Outfits the first American ascent of Makalu, the worlds 5th highest mountain.


Climbing without oxygen and sherpa support,  the man team wore Eddie  Bauer gear putting one man on the summit. It was the first time an entire Himalayan-peak team was from one city - Spokane, Washington.  


Outfits the first ascent of Mt. Everest Kangshung - East Face. 

It was said to be impossible. But in two days in October, this American team wearing Eddie Bauer gear put six men on top of the worlds highest mountain, via the last of Everest's unclimbed faces. 


Eddie and Stine Bauer , wilderness companions  for 57 years, die 15 days apart  in April.  


Stine was diagnosed with cancer in February , she passed away on April 3rd. On Apil  18th Eddie  joined her for the next adventure, even though he hadn't been ill . Their son said he died of a 'Broken heart'. 


Launches First Ascent line of expedition class technical gear.

The line introduced its winning 'guide built process' direct collaboration with professional guides in product development and testing. In 10 years First Ascent products win 48 industry awards.


Launches the EverTherm Down Jacket with reolutionary Thindown technology. 


"No quillting, No cold spots, this is down" With that Eddie Bauer launched the EverTherm and its continual sheet of Down. The jacket won 7 awards, the next year a waterproof version won 5 more.


Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of First Ascent, two Eddie Bauer guides summit K2. 

Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez summited K2 without supplemental oxygen, Carla was the first women from the Americas to do so, and the first women to climb both K2 and Everest in the same year. 


Celebrates 100 years of product innovation for outdoor adventurers.


Looking forward Eddie Bauer combines its adventure-driven innovation with even more sustainabiity and inclusivity, using materials and methods that minimise impact and building an outdoor culture open to everyone.


We're just getting started! We believe the outdoors is for everyone, and for the next 100 years our mission is to inspire and enable all people to get outside and enjoy nature.